Transforming Leaders in 12 Actionable Steps

Build your organization’s capabilities with our psychology-backed, customizable program designed to integrate Relationship Acuity® into your organization’s leadership development initiatives. We focus on transformational change through facilitated group learning and individual coaching, in person or online.

Our competency-based Spark What’s Inside Leadership Program consists of 13 customizable modules offered in Full or Half-day formats, including time between modules to practice skills learned.

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Our Leadership Model

Leadership Begins at the Personal Level

Relationship Acuity® refers to the personal and interpersonal competencies we need to work productively with others. Our leadership model illustrates three levels of leadership, each requiring a specific set of skills that build on and complement each another. Together, these competencies form the broad spectrum of leadership capabilities that exemplify Relationship Acuity®.

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Our Learning Framework

From What and Why to How

A growing body of research confirms the importance of reflection for boosting learning. Reflection is a continuous process of asking questions like, “Why did things turn out differently than expected?” and “What can I learn from this experience?” We believe that learning is a cycle of insight, followed by reflection, and completed with practice. Insight leads to reflection, reflection leads to understanding, and practice leads to change. 


Why is This Important?


What Do I Need?


How Can I Apply It?

The Twelve Building Blocks of Leadership

There are twelve Relationship Acuity® competencies that form the structure of personal and interpersonal leadership. They are the building blocks of growth through a leader’s career, from entry level, to management, to senior level executive.

12. Transform Culture

11. Inspire Purpose, Vision & Values

Generate Corporate Energy

10. Lead the People Side of Change

9. Mediate Conflicts

8. Build Cohesive Teams

7. Coach for Acuity

6. Facilitate Performance Potential

Achieve Results Through Others

5. Build Resiliance

4. Prevent, Manage & Resolve Conflict

3. Communicate with Influence

2. Balance Intrinsic Strengths

1. Acquire Insight into Self and Others

Develop Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness

Our Program Materials

Designed to guide people through every stage of their career, Relationship Acuity® inspires  each person to look at leadership through a different lens. The Relationship Acuity® book and Leadership Guidebook, together, help people learn how to influence and engage others, gain their commitment, and communicate in more impactful ways across twelve specific leadership practices.

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Relationship Acuity Book Bundle

Relationship Acuity®
Leadership Through a Different Lens

This book addresses many leadership challenges and takes a reader from insight through to actionable ideas.

In work as in life, we all perceive people and situations in our own ways. When it comes to relationships, differences in perception are at the root of just about every challenge one may face.  Readers are introduced to twelve leadership competencies that represent the personal and interpersonal skills every person needs to become a great leader.

Relationship Acuity® Leadership Guidebook
A Toolkit for Reflection and Practice

The Leadership Guidebook is full of new perspectives, and actionable ideas. It takes the insights from the book to the next level by providing specific, practical applications and follow-up activities for each of twelve Relationship Acuity® competencies.

Relationship Acuity®
Quick Reference Guides

People learn best when they practice applying what they have learned. Over 80 PDFs support continuous learning by providing reproduceable reminders of key practices throughout the program.

Relationship Acuity®
Spark What's Inside Notebook

This personal logbook provides the opportunity for program participants to document their learning insights.

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