Who We Are

Relationship Acuity® is on a mission to inspire and guide leaders to better manage their relationships and strengthen their results. We achieve this through a comprehensive framework that grows leadership skills and improves relationships.

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Our Story

Founded in 2013, Relationship Acuity® is focused on building great leaders through facilitated and self-paced learning. The combined experience of our team includes coaching, consultation, group facilitation, and executive leadership. 

We are all about solutions. We understand that managing relationships is considered a “soft” skill, yet it is the hardest and most important skill to learn. Relationship Acuity® refers to the power of perception in leadership. We sharpen that power and apply it to everything a leader does.

Our Team

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Judy Hemmingson

Founding Partner

Judy is the Author of Relationship Acuity® – Leadership Through a Different Lens and co-author of the Relationship Acuity® Leadership Guidebook. Judy brings broad and comprehensive experience in industry, government, and consulting organizations, with a focus on leadership coaching and facilitated learning. Judy has a passion for helping leaders to develop the strategies they need to achieve optimum performance in their organizations.

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Matt Hemmingson

Founding Partner

Matt brings more than 30 years of experience in Senior HR and Executive Consulting roles. He has been engaged in the transformation of  businesses across the globe.

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Madalena Coutinho

Senior Associate

Madalena is a co-author of the Relationship Acuity® Leadership Guidebook. She brings extensive experience in the areas of personal, team, organizational, and leadership development, cooperative change management, strategic planning, and building visionary organizations. Her passion is inspiring individuals to own something larger than their direct responsibilities.

Our Methodology

A psychology-backed framework with proven results

Our leadership model illustrates three levels of leadership, each requiring a specific set of personal and interpersonal competencies that build on and complement each another. Together, these competencies form the broad spectrum of leadership capabilities that exemplify Relationship Acuity®.

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