The Foundation of Motivation, Perception, and Behaviour

Leadership is about working with people, not just about accomplishing goals, and getting things done. This book guides people toward understanding how to influence and inspire the people leaders need to help them achieve results. Relationship Acuity® focuses on the important role that motivation, perception, and behaviour each play in our work relationships. It demonstrates how these three elements flow together.

Our motivation to achieve a sense of purpose in our lives frames the perceptions we have of ourselves and others. It’s why some of us see something one way while others may see the same thing differently. These unique perceptions drive how we act and interact with others.

This is the essence of Relationship Acuity – it’s the secret of great leadership: While we can’t change what drives us, we always have the ability to change our perceptions of the people and situations around us, and ultimately, choose how we act and interact with others.

This book addresses many leadership challenges and takes a reader from insight through to actionable ideas. Whether, as a leader, one needs to influence or engage others, gain commitment, or communicate in more impactful ways, this book will help.

Readers are introduced to twelve leadership competencies that represent the personal and interpersonal skills every person needs in order to become a great leader. These skills can be learned, practiced, and honed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a member of a team, the leader of a team, or the leader of an organization – we encourage people to think of these competencies as leadership building blocks for success.