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Learn how to influence and engage with others, gain their commitment, and communicate in more impactful ways.

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A psychology-backed framework

In work as in life, we all perceive people and situations in our own ways. When it comes to relationships, differences in perception are at the root of just about every challenge you may face.

Designed to guide you through every stage of your career, Relationship Acuity® will inspire you to look at leadership through a different lens.

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The Relationship Acuity® book and guidebook will help you influence and engage with others, gain their commitment, and communicate in more impactful ways across twelve specific leadership competencies – using concepts, stories, and cases built on over 30 years of leadership consultancy experience.

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Relationship Acuity® The Book

This book addresses many leadership challenges and takes a reader from insight through to actionable ideas. Readers are introduced to twelve leadership competencies that represent the personal and interpersonal skills every person needs in order to become a great leader.

Relationship Acuity Guidebook

Relationship Acuity® The Guidebook

Our Leadership Guidebook is full of valuable ideas, new perspectives, and actionable ideas. It takes the insights from our book to the next level by providing specific, practical applications and follow-up activities for each of the twelve Relationship Acuity® competencies.

Relationship Acuity Book Bundle

Relationship Acuity® Bundle

The Book and Guidebook together represent the learner materials for our in-house programs.

What People Are Saying

This book spoke to me. Much of the challenges I've faced in my professional and personal life is here, written in this book. It's quite the extraordinary read, written by an amazing storyteller that keeps you engaged. Although this book is targeted towards management, it carries important life lessons for everyone. You can never force your coworkers, employees, or manager to change. However, I feel this book equips you with one of the best arsenals to do everything in your power to make the most out of your situation. Hemmingsen captures the human essence of teamwork and connects the dots between trust and commitment. Highly recommended.
IT Manager
I just finished reading Relationship Acuity by author Judy Hemmingsen for the 2nd time and just passed it onto the CEO of our company. This book opens ones thought process and presents key tools and ideas on leadership, and a much better understanding of the importance of each persons perspective. Relationship Acuity is a must read for anyone looking to improve their role as a leader regardless of their profession, or role within a business. I’ve already noticed my communication and engagement with other employees and customers alike, more rewarding and productive.

Customer Service Manager
As a Human Resources Professional and Executive I had the opportunity to explore the topic of leadership over many years, through books, education and personal observation, to name a few. What the author does in this book is look at the whole area in a much different light and helps the reader understand the role of relationships; understanding that each person may have a different perspective in any interaction. She shows the importance of developing one’s acuity in an area that will help the reader become a better leader. This book reviews a number of leadership theories and does a very good job of bringing focus to relationships as a key driver in success.
CAO Government Department

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