Our Learning Process

Moving from the What and the Why to the How

Doing the same things over and over never leads to a different result. People only retain learning that is applied. That is why we emphasize the importance of practice when it comes to achieving expected results.

A growing body of research confirms the importance of reflection for boosting our learning. Reflection must be part of a continuous process – of getting into the habit of asking questions like, “Why did things turn out differently than expected?” and “What can one learn from this experience?”

We believe that learning represents a continuous cycle of insight, followed by reflection, and moving through to practice.

    Insight Leads to Reflection

    Part One of our book Relationship Acuity® – Leadership Through a Different Lens provides insights into why Relationship Acuity is important to leadership development today. These insights lead to understanding the twelve competencies that, together, create the building blocks for developing and sustaining productive work relationships. Embedded within each competency are specific skills and behaviours that can be practiced and honed.

    Reflection Leads to Understanding

    Part Two of the book includes the opportunity to reflect on the twelve leadership competencies and to gain clarity about what’s working and what’s not working in a leadership relationship. Finally, those reflections must lead to personal change if the leader wants to make a difference.

    Practice Leads to Change

    Our Relationship Acuity® Leadership Guidebook represents Part Three of our learning process. This Guidebook leads people through the how by introducing practical strategies and actions designed to help leaders keep their work relationships healthy and productive. Change only happens through sustained effort and practice.