MADALENA COUTINHO IAF-CPF™ madalena@ralsolutions.ca

Madalena is a Senior Associate with RA Leadership Solutions Inc. and Co-Author of the Relationship Acuity Leadership Guidebook. She is a bilingual Master Facilitator, Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF-CPF™), Learning and Development specialist, and a professional Keynote speaker.

Madalena has extensive experience in the areas of personal, team, organizational and leadership development, cooperative change management, strategic planning, and in building visionary organizations. Her passion is inspiring individuals to own something larger than their direct responsibilities. With a focus on cultural transformation, she encourages clients to take a hard look at their corporate cultures and values, based on the principles that employee engagement, environmental stewardship and social responsibility are the keys to increased organizational productivity.

A believer in lifelong learning and development, Madalena supports organizations to achieve business success by enabling people to work together through a culture of effective communication, collaboration, respect and mutual understanding. Clients describe her as authentic, straightforward and inspiring, and they appreciate her ability to offer real-world skills that can be immediately transferred to the workplace for productive results.

Madalena holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology from McGill University, a Certificate in Family Life Education from Concordia University, and is a Certified Consultant in Cultural Transformation Tools (Barrett Values Centre). She is also a certified facilitator of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (Franklin Covey).